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The history of Davao is brief but interesting. It harks to the past and brings to mind tribal wars. drum beats and ritual fires along the river banks which, according to some sources gave origin to the word "Davao" from daba-daba", meaning fire. The early inhabitants occupying the eastern shores of Davao were the Manobos, Tagcaolos, Guianggas, Bilaans and Aetas. On the western portion were the Mandayas and Bagobos.

The Samals occupied the Samal and the Talicud Islands. Later, the Maguindanaos from Cotabato, Zamboanga and Jolo migrated to Davao and succeeded in driving the natives inhabitants to the mountains.



Davao as a particular geopolitical substance began amid the most recent fifty years of Spanish administer in the nation. While Spanish power had been set up along the northeastern shores of Mindanao down to Bislig as ahead of schedule as 1620, it was not until the victory of Davao Bay zone in 1848 that Spanish influence in these parts moved toward becoming accepted, and Davao's history started to be recorded.

Late in June help originated from Zamboanga. Wear Manuel Quesada, Naval force Directing General, touched base with an organization of infantry and participated in the assault against Datu Bago's settlement. The out-gunned protectors, notwithstanding their relentless protection, at long last fled in the front of night to various Muslim people group in the expectation of carrying on the battle some other day.Oyanguren was accounted for to have tranquil ownership of the Davao Bay region toward the finish of 1849, regardless of absence of help from the legislature in Manila and his principals in the wander. He crusaded hard among the diverse clans - the Mandayas, Manobos, and so on asking them to live in settlements or reducciones to contact them for exchange and business, however without any result. The Moros** kept on undermining the individuals who teamed up with the Espanoles. Little progress was made in monetary advancement of the inlet area.




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